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Feel the magic of our Bath Bombs



Connecting with you from Vancouver, located at the beautiful British Columbia shores of Western Canada. We are a bath company with passion that designs and handcrafts each bath bomb using all premium, natural ingredients. I have designed these bath bombs having your wellbeing in mind. My motivation in crafting these therapeutic bath bombs has been to offer you joy and tranquility in a warm bubbly, colorful bath accompanied by the healing power of essential oils.

Bring the Spa to your Bathtub

In our ever increasingly busy lives, it seems the level of stress keep rising. To assist you in your journey toward greater peace and calm, our Relaxing Bath Bomb is offering you amity and tranquility through their soothing properties. Our luxury bombs work magic where you can immerse yourself in pure joy while revitalizing your skin. In this new normal era of social distancing create a long-lasting intimate relationship with our pampering bath bombs!

Rich in Pure Essential Oils

Ahila power of healing bombs with100% pure essential oils are designed to assist your body, mind, and spirit in soothing and rejuvenating. Our Moisturizing & Relaxing Bath Bombs are made with 100 percent natural ingredients.



Enriched in Lavender Essential Oil

Say Goodbye to your worries and Soak Away to a Good Night's Sleep


Enriched in Lemon Grass Essential Oil

 Relaxation and Skin Rejuvenation


Enriched in Lilac Essential

Oil Use Right Before Bed to Promote A Restful Sleep


Enriched in Green Tea Essential Oil

 Firms Your Skin And Enhances Your mood